Church Architects Thurrock

Church Architects in Thurrock

Specialising in Churches and other Places of Worship, our Architectural Services cover Thurrock and the surrounding areas as Church Architects Thurrock.


We are inspecting architects to over twenty churches within four Diocese. The churches are of differing ages and scales, many listed as grades I and II*.


We regularly undertake quinquennial inspections and advise parishes on recommended repairs.  We are frequently involved in preparing sketch options, feasibility studies and alteration and upgrade works, which involve preparing detailed drawings, schedules of work and overseeing contractors.


Given our extensive church experience, we are familiar with preparing Statements of Significance and Need for DACs and local authority planners.  We consider the impact of proposed changes and alterations on historic fabric and undertake impact assessments.

Church Architect for Thurrock

A professional church architect specializes in designing and constructing places of worship, such as churches, cathedrals, mosques, and temples.


Church architects work closely with clergy and community leaders to design buildings that meet the congregation’s needs and reflect the spiritual values and beliefs of the religion. They are responsible for creating functional, beautiful, and welcoming spaces that provide a sense of awe and reverence.


A church architect must have a strong understanding of the cultural, historical, and social context of the religion or denomination they are designing for and a deep knowledge of architectural principles and design.

Architectural Design Process

At Ablett we make the whole design process very simple

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