Heritage Architects Covering Thurrock

Heritage Architects Thurrock

Ablett Architects have an established record of working on repair and heritage works in Thurrock to historic buildings of differing periods, many being listed.  We have AABC accreditation.

We undertake an analysis of the defects and the decay mechanisms to understand the reasons for decay and commissioning specialist reports as necessary.  We also seek to understand the importance of the various parts of the structure.  Thereafter we prepare proposals for repair, adopting a minimal intervention ‘like for like’ repair approach overseeing contractors and specialists through to completion.

We are passionate about historic buildings. We seek to understand the phases of change and evolution, the intricacies of the building, the decay mechanisms, the repair and conservation challenges as well as working closely with client representatives to develop the longer-term vision.

What is a Heritage Architect?

A heritage architect is a professional architect who specializes in the preservation, restoration, and renovation of historic buildings and sites.

The primary responsibility of a heritage architect is to ensure the conservation of heritage buildings and to promote their value and significance to society.

They are trained to honor the original design intent of buildings while also considering new and innovative ways to adapt them for modern use.

Heritage architects aim to preserve the cultural and historical significance of buildings while helping to sustain these valuable structures for generations to come.

Architectual Design Process

At Ablett we make the whole design process very simple

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